Finish the Job: Seduction

She reached over to me and cupped my chin in her trembling hand. My breath felt ragged and my heart beat like a machine gun, but I stopped her. I clasped her hand for just a moment. Then, with a heavy sigh, I guided it back to the desk.

“Don’t.” I rasped. “Drop the seduction, doll.” I said quietly. She froze and stared at me with wide eyes.

“I wasn’t-”

“Just… Just don’t…” I sighed again. “Look you don’t have to screw me to get me to help you. I don’t take advantage of dames in trouble.”

Her body visibly relaxed. She eyed me for a long moment. “Lizzie said you were a good man, Harry. The things I’ve seen… Well… I didn’t believe her. I-”

I cut her off. “Yeah yeah, I’m a saint. Look, pour me a drink would ya?” It was my turn to tremble. I only hoped she wouldn’t see it. I’m no saint. She had no idea how close I came to just taking her right there on the desk. Bad idea or not, the dame was irresistible.

She poured me a shot and I gulped it, feeling steadier. “So, tell me the whole story.”

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