This is How Hearts Are Broken

She loves him.

But she’ll never tell him.

She’ll never tell him that he’s changed her forever. He showed her parts of herself that she didn’t know were there, taught her things she didn’t know she had to learn, helped her see the way her life should be. What her life could be, if she was with him.

But she won’t tell him. He may know her inside and out, but he’ll never know that she loves him.

She can’t tell him. She can’t put that on him. He has his life, and she has hers. The two don’t fit together anymore, if they ever did.

She’s a writer, and has written endless stories of heartbreak and tears. Stories that she now realizes had it all wrong.

Heartbreak isn’t crying over a certain boy. Boys come and go.

Heartbreak is knowing what she will never have. Knowing that someone can change her forever, and be her entire world. He was perfect, to her.

Heartbreak is letting that person go, and knowing he’s gone forever.

She loves him. Her heart is broken.

And he will never know.

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