She heard them talking, but she couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. This was insane. She must be insane. There was no way that this was normal.
The leader cleared his throat and she fell back to the present. “We need you to do something.”
“What?” She said viciously, then realized she had said it out loud. The buisnessman sitting across from her looked up from his newspaper. She blushed and focused on her shoes. In her mind this time, she repeated herself, What?
If you could be so kind as to go to the top of the Empire State Building, he drawled, We might be able to get out.
Why the Empire State Building? she wondered, but her thought was heard by the leader.
Because it’s tall and tall places are easier for us to manuever around in.
Alright, fine. Whatever it took to get the stupid voices out of her head.
Hey we heard that! One of them shouted, and she winced at the noise.
The train stopped and she pushed through the crowds towards 5th Avenue.

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