An Epic Challenge

I’m not sure if it’s customary for a person to have more than one challenge out at a time; then again, I’m not one to follow customs. So while I have my Sing-Song Challenge out, I got another one for you people out there.

Since I’m going to be gone on an epic journey to an undisclosed location for half of July, I was thinking about Homer the poet, and all those other Greek poets. Then I thought how people are so used to using prose to tell a story.
So here’s my challenge: Write a ficlet in poem form. Y’know, like an epic poem. I’m not looking for lasting-through-centuries, Odyssey quality here. I’m more looking for some plot told in some poetry form. Think sonnet, limerick, and such. (To make this seem less scary, I’ll accept free-verse poetry)

Deadline’s August 1st. Don’t expect me to have the results that day, though.

Good luck, godspeed, “force be with you”, happy ficleting, feliz navidad, etc, etc, etc

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