Discoveries [Unexpected Twist Challenge]

“Jack! Look what I found!” Lars called, half-running half-skipping down the dirt path to his friend’s house. Jack slouched in the doorway.
“Man, what d’y’want?” he asked irritably.
“Check this out!” Lars declared proudly, showing the thing he discovered. Jack looked at it.
“It’s- a rutabaga.”
“Yeah I know!” Lars shone from excitement. Jack gave his friend a frank look.
“Lar, I haven’t the foggiest idea why you get pleasure out of finding a root. You find sticks, rocks, all of which I’m ok with because they’re remotely interesting. But a rutabaga?
“Aw, come on Jack!” Lars moaned, shoving the dirt-clumped root into his friend’s chest. “Just look at it!”
Something struck Jack odd about this stupid rutabaga. He brushed dirt off of it. He pressed it to his ear.
“Uh, Jack? You call me weird?”
“No, Lars, listen-” Both, oddly, listened to the root. A faint beeping sound came from it.
Jack was confused. “Do rutabagas usually beep?”
Lars’ eyes widened. “Do they usually have a bomb countdown timer?”

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