The (much too short) Soundtrack of the Life of Yours Truly

Oh geez; and me a music lover too! I may have jumped on the bandwagon too late, but so what?

1)Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude
There’s just beauty in nature here, no words can describe it.
2)Raisins: Barenaked Ladies
“Can’t keep my movies straight…I don’t get out that much.”
3)Colores Colores: Bacilos
“El mundo seria aburrido y triste sin colores”
4)Piano Man: Billy Joel
“He knows that it’s me they’ve been coming to see/to forget about life for a while”
5)Word for That: Barenaked Ladies
“There’s a word for that/What does it start with?”
6)Brian Wilson: Barenaked Ladies
“I’m lying here/Just staring at the cieling’s eyes/And I’m thinking about, oh, what to think about”
7)Brown-Eyed Girl: Van Morrison
“[I’m] [your] brown eyed girl”
8) Cantina Band (from Star Wars IV): John Williams
Just rollicking fun; no words
9) Enid: Barenaked Ladies
“We never really knew each other anyway.”
10) Little Wonders: Rob Thomas
“Let it go…”
11) Obladi Oblada: The Beatles
“Obladi! Oblada! Life goes on!”

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