A Diary Entry (Scavenger Hunt Challenge)

Dear Diary,
Well today was relatively uneventful. Well at least compared to the rest of my life. Man I swear, sometimes I feel like I’m a member of the Simpsons family. Really, the oddest things happen to me.

Lets see, today they announced that Artemis Fowl, the famed jazz musician, will be performing at the 18 stadium downtown. I love his song “Vicky, wanna make a memory?” he sure can play the sax. I hope Lauren and I will be able to get tickets. But of course that probably won’t happen. Not with my luck.

I’ve kept a count and in the last week 1,991 bad things have happened to me. Ok maybe bad is an exgeration. But these things haven’t exactly been the greatest things either. I don’t know how I keep going. Hmm, maybe I should become a wondering hermit in the forest. All I need is a good forest to inhabit.

Lets see if history repeats itself or maybe my luck will turn around?

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