The Band Incident (Part 10) seems that your daughter had an abnormal sac of fluid attached to her left lung. Now when the lung was punctured, the sac burst and the fluid some how made it into your daughter’s brain. It caused some swelling.” “Did it cause any permanent damaged? Were you able to drain the fluid?” Mr. Slater, Liz’s tall, some what mysterious, handsome father asked. “Yes we were able to drain the fluid and we cut a piece of her skull to give her brain enough room until the swelling goes down. Normally in cases like this there is no permanent brain damage but we’ll know for sure once she awakens.” “Ok. When is it that she’ll wake up?” questioned Mrs. Slater, who was a bit relieved. “That’s were the bad news comes in. You see the fluid in your daughter’s brain caused her to do into a coma. We can’t start her on any of the medications that would be able to bring her out of it until the swelling goes down, so it could be a while.” “But you’re sure she’ll make a full recovery right?” asked the still wary Mr. Slater.

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