We waited for what seemed like hours, listening to silence. No one wanted to voice their fears, concerns, and hypotheses aloud. Speaking them would give them power over our minds, allow them to settle in and take root.

I eventually became very weary from controlling my emotions and thoughts, so I stood, stretched, and broke the silence with, “I’m tired. I’m going to bed. Wake me if anything happens.”

There was a resounding hum of agreement, and Billings volunteered for first watch in the control room for the night. He had two small children on Earth.

I looked at the calendar in my bunk space. In two days a Russian ship was going to put a satellite into orbit that would allow the Space Station to receive TV, internet, and radio transmissions from Earth. I wondered if the destruction had made it to Russia. I could sure use CNN right now!

I rolled away from the calendar. No point in staying awake thinking about it. I shut my eyes. Visions of my family danced in my head, lulling me to sleep.

Happy memories.

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