He pulls up the collar of his black wool coat.

He pulls up the collar of his black wool coat. Perhaps to create a double layer consisting of the wool fabric and of his precisely knotted scarf. It is very cold out, after all. That would be logical. In fact, I realized this logic today as I crossed the campus on my way to classes. I, too, had a purposely-tied scarf around my neck and a black wool coat. But there was a gap present between the fleece scarf and the fabric of the coat where my skin was exposed. Without determined thought I pulled up the collar of my jacket to obscure the gap.

What are other possibilities for his logic of scarf and collar, though? Perhaps, like me, he enjoys the aesthetic aspect of it. I can’t explain why he might like it, but I know there is an explanation he possesses. Maybe even the mere satisfaction he might find in pulling up his collar is admirable to others and me. Powerfully, though, he commits this act invariably and indefatigably.

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