The Band Incident (Part 11)

“As far as we can see, the chances for a full recovery are very good but we won’t know for sure until she regains consciousness. If you’d like once she’s in her room you may go see her. I’m going to go check on her now. If you need anything just have one of the nurses page me.” “Thank you doctor,” said Mrs. Slater as the doctor left the room. Immediately the tension in the room lessened. The room which had been silent just a few minutes before now rang with the joyous exclamations of the relieved band members. Sure she’s in a coma, but at least she was alive, could be heard among the band students that filled the waiting room.

Heather, Liz’s french horn playing best friend, looked towards Jacob and smiled. Everything’s going to be fine the smile told Jacob, but still he worried. He worried because the look on Mr. Slater’s face told him something completely different. In fact it told him the complete opposite, that things were horribly wrong and about to get worse.

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