The Band Incident (Part 12)

Jacob started heading towards Mr. Slater. I wonder what could be wrong. We just got some pretty good news thought Jacob. Even though she shouldn’t be in this position in the first place. Why did I date a psycho path? _ Mr. Slater noticed Jacob approaching and his face was instantly brighter, not a trace of the troubled expression it had held before. Jacob wondered if perhaps he had imagined it. _No, my imagination isn’t that good. I wonder what could be wrong.
“Everything ok?” asked Jacob knowing he wasn’t going to get the truth but figuring he should ask anyways. Every one knew that while he was very involved in his daughter’s life, he still had many mysteries. No one really knew Thorsten Slater. They knew he had a good job at some firm in the city and that he would do anything for his family and that he was very kind but that was about it. He was a mystery. A mystery no one cared to solve. No one really wondered about one of the coolest older dudes around as the kids preferred to call him. Still…

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