The Band Incident (Part 13)

“With news like that everything’s better than ok,” Mr. Slater said. “Yeah it is good news. I’m glad she’s going to be ok. I don’t know what I’d do if…,” Jacob couldn’t make the words come out. “Well lets be thankful that its going to be ok. I know you really care about her and that she really cares about you too. Actually that brings something up.” “What’s that?” Jacob asked as he wondered what Mr. Slater could possibly want to know and a little surprised to hear that his feelings were that obvious. But he didn’t care. It might make protecting her easier. Nothing bad would ever happen to her as long as he could stop it. No matter what.

“Well, I need to know what you plan to do,” said Mr. Slater. “What do you mean?” asked a very confused Jacob. “Well how long after she comes out of the coma will you wait to ask her to be your girlfriend? Or will you wait at all? You know she’s going to need to take it easy and there will be some rules that better be followed,” Mr. Slater said, a light tease in his voice.

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