The Band Incident (Part 14)

“Oh well, I’m not sure. It all depends on what she wants I guess. Maybe she won’t even want to see me after this.” “Why wouldn’t she want to see you? I hate to say this but she’s been head over heals for you since 7th grade. Boy can that girl commit,” Mr. Slater continued with the teasing. “Wait, we’re in 11th grade. That means she’s liked me for four years?! Why? I’m not all that great. I can’t even keep the best thing that’s ever happened to me safe…” trailed off Jacob.

“Don’t blame yourself for this,” Mr. Slater said turning serious, “You had no way of knowing that this could happen. No one did.” “Yeah but…” “No buts. It was a terrible accident and the only one who deserves blame is Gracie, and trust me she’s going to get what’s coming to her. Still we need to stay positive for Liz. You blaming yourself isn’t going to help her.” “You’re right,” Jacob whispered still fighting the guilt. “Ok the wait’s killing me,” said Mr. Slater, “let’s go check on Liz.”

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