The Band Incident (Part 15)

After that day, things fell into a routine. Jacob was a regular at the hospital. He knew all the nurses and their shifts and they all knew him. They had all come to realize how deeply in love with Liz he was. Every night begged for just five more minutes with her after visiting hours and of course the nurses would let him stay.

Elizabeth’s parents were completely comfortable with Jacob being there all the time, just a little worried he wasn’t getting enough sun light or social interaction. Heather was another regular though she would always find an excuse to leave whenever Tom came by to visit, which was funny because he was constantly asking about her.

Time went by with little change in Liz’s condition. Something was going on at Mr. Slater’s work, he started spending less time at the hospital. Jacob wondered what it could be but never asked. He thought he saw that expression on Mr. Slater’s face again once but dismissed it. It probably was just a figment of his imagination.

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