The Band Incident (Part 17)

Jacob walked home to tell his parents the news. He was so consumed by his thoughts that he very nearly missed his street. How could her parents do that?! he wondered. Don’t they know what this was going to do to every one? To me? When he finally made it home he told his parents the news. They tried calling Liz’s parents but there was no answer. They tried telling him that maybe there had been a mistake. That they were sure everything would be fine but Jacob knew better. He went to Heather’s to tell her the news.

“Oh hey Jake,” Heather said as she opened the door, “I wasn’t expecting you. Did you see Liz today? Why do I bother asking? Of course you did. You practically moved to the hospital. I’m so glad she’s doing better.” Jacob hesitated, pain clear on his face. “Is something wrong,” Heather asked, her face immediately losing all of the humor it had held a few seconds before, “Did something happen?” ”...Liz…” Jacob started, tears running down his face. “She’s…. she’s gone”

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