The Band Incident (Part 25)

Looking very good for a dead person Liz made her way slowly towards the stand.

The murmuring started picking up again, “That’s why murder wasn’t one of the charges! She didn’t die” “Oh my god! She’s alive!” “I wonder where she’s been all this time?” “Jacob has to be so relieved!” But the fact was he wasn’t relieved. In fact he was convinced that his mind had finally snapped and he was imagining all this. He closed his eyes and shook his head. Time to wake up Jacob. He told himself. He opened his eyes. Things were exactly the same. He was sitting in the courtroom, filled with excited band students. The attorneys were still talking, the judge was still sitting there, the jury was still watching. And SHE was sitting on the stand.

His eyes met hers. The eyes that he had longed to see so badly these last 3 months. The eyes he had thought lost for ever. The eyes filled with pain and sadness much like his own. Eyes filled with apologies, begging for forgiveness. His pain and disbelief were shoved aside.

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