The Band Incident (Part 27)

They stood there, not saying a word. Merely welcoming each other’s presence once again. Jacob was the first to break the silence. “I thought I had lost you. I thought I had lost everything,” he whispered reaching down to grab her hand.

“I’m so sorry Jacob,” Liz said fighting back the tears that threatened to stop her from explaining that which was of the upmost importance. “What are you sorry about? I’m just glad to have you back,” Jacob said. “Yeah but I must’ve caused you so much pain. So much unnecessary pain,” Liz said, the torment clear in her voice.

“Yes it did hurt, more than you’ll ever know but what’s important is that you’re back now,” Jacob tried reassuring her. “Still doesn’t change the fact that I put you through all that. If only Dad had let me call you…” Liz trailed off. “What do you mean?” Jacob asked. “Well you see its kind of his fault we had to leave,” Liz responded. “What?” Jacob asked, really confused. “Well you see my Dad’s….”

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