The Band Incident (Part 28)

“My Dad’s a FBI agent and he was on a special case,” Liz said, slightly hesitant, “You see he was investigating a terrorist cell centered downtown.” “What?! Are you serious?” Jacob asked in disbelief.

“Yes, very serious. That’s why we had to leave. He got enough evidence to send these guys away and since he was a key witness the feds were taking NO chances. They had us all placed in the witness protection agency,” Liz answered. “So what happened? Why’d you come back?” Jacob questioned. “They tried the case and sent the guys to prison. Feds decided it was ok for us to leave the program and for my Dad to resume normal field work. Took a little begging to convince my parents to come back here. They didn’t know if it would be safe,” said Elizabeth. “So you’re back for good?” asked a still wary Jacob. “Yes I am,” Liz answered with a faint smile.

“Well in that case…”

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