The Band Incident (Part 29)

“Elizabeth I need to ask you something,” said Jacob, a happier tone to his voice, “you want to go to a movie Saturday?” Elizabeth laughed for the first time in 3 months, “Sure I’d love to.”

Jacob laughed too, “Wow I can’t believe I remember how to do that.” “What ask a girl out?” Liz teased. “No, laugh. It feels good though,” Jacob responded. “I’m glad you like to laugh because I plan to be around for a while to make sure you laugh as much as possible. I’ve got to try and make it up to you some how,” Liz said.

“Just being here with me is enough,” Jacob said with such joy that the last 3 months were becoming a distant memory. Her sudden and miraculous reappearance had immediately filled in the emptiness. Had immediately brought meaning and purpose back into his life. Once again there’s was something worth living for.

Until then everyone else had given them their space but now they could hold it no longer. Liz and Jacob were suddenly in the center of a mob dying to know why Liz had faked her death.

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