The Band Incident (Part 30)

“Happy anniversary Liz,” Jacob said as she answered the door, “you ready to go? I’ve got a surprise that I think you might like.” “Happy anniversary to you too. Let me get my sweater, give me a minute,” Liz said as she let him in. “Ok I’ll be right here,” Jacob said while Liz went off to find her sweater.

I can’t believe its been a year already, Liz thought to herself. It seems like yesterday I was waking up from a coma in an unfamiliar hospital, wondering where Jacob was. Time sure does fly, especially when you’re in love._She smiled to herself. _If some one would’ve told me two years ago that all this was going to happen I’d have called them crazy. Getting shot, going into a coma, “dying”. All the hurt and loneliness and knowing he was going through worse.

But we’re together now and no matter what happens we have each other and we can face what ever may come. Together. Liz grabbed her sweater and headed for Jacob, a huge smile on her face.

The End

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