Better than Edward

“Crooked smile?” Kyle said smiling, “I think someone’s been reading Twilight too many times.”
“Really? Think you’re Edward or something?” Janice teased.
“I’m no vampire.”
“No you’re not” You are rather god like. Now that I think about it, he’s better than Edward.
“You probably think being a vampire is incredibly hot though.”
“Nope. I perfer normal guys that don’t have to worry about killing me all the time.”
“Oh really? Normal guys like me?”
Janice stopped breathing. Did he really just say that?! Yes he did. Now say something! Something along the lines of yes. Guys just like you. Please, oh please say SOMETHING ! Right then incredible insight hit her.
“Yeah guys just like you. Though normally I like them just a bit taller,” she teased the almost 6 foot tall Kyle.
“Sorry to dissapoint you, I doubt I’ll get any taller,” Kyle laughed.
“Well maybe I can make an exception this one time.”
“If you could find it in your heart to make an exception this time, then I might have a question to ask you.”

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