Ferdinand Forgotten [Twisted History Challenge]

“Your highness, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, please, step this way.”

I stood behind the large gardens on Apple Quay, waiting for the Archduke’s open-topped automobile to start it’s short journey, and I heard every word coming out of the governor’s mouth.

“I do hope you’ve enjoyed your short stay in Bosnia, Archduchess Sophie?”

He was, whether he knew it or not, a very loud man, and my position couldn’t have been more perfect. I checked to make sure the small bomb in my pocket was prepared for at least the hundredth time today.

“Yes, it is a very beautiful country, is it not? I am very proud to call this my homeland.”

I chewed my non-existent fingernails as I anticipated the small action that would kill this treacherous Archduke. He deserved to die!

Then I looked down at my hands, those same two hands that would throw the bomb, that had hugged my daughter goodbye only an hour before…

As the automobile drove by, I heard the governor say, “Yes, Archduke. Europe truly is headed towards peace.”

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