Rajani's Visit

Rajani came early in the morning. I was dozing on a large silk pillow when I heard his footsteps on the cold stone of the temple floor. I managed to jerk myself awake and compose myself by the time he stepped through the doorway.

Rajani bowed deeply, and I nodded tartly, acknowledging his presence. “Prophetess,” he began, his hands folded behind his back, “I come to ask the opinion of the Goddess.”

“Yes, yes, go on,” I prodded, wondering what he could possibly be wanting at this hour.

“I wish to know….if my actions as head of the village council thusfar have been pleasing to Her.”

I raised an eyebrow. Rajani was essentially the village dictator, no matter what he said. He had never cared before about what the Goddess thought of him. Why now?

I closed my eyes and called to the Goddess. She swelled up inside of me, but She had an anxiousness that I had never sensed before.

He has a knife and is going to try to kill you. Stop focusing inward and be ready for his attack!

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