Picking an Option

...To write or not to write another Ficlet about you… Do you know what you do to me… The sun will never set on my love for you… There are only so many words to describe my infinite affections… You think I would get over an idiot… How can you not realize my passion… Can you hear it? My heart, it calls to you… Can you find it within yourself to pull down the walls that surround your heart…

The above are all first lines to Ficlets that I could write about you. They are all the beginnings of bunch of short stories that I would use to deal with the feelings that stem from our, relationship really isn’t the right word, lets go with friendship. Rants to help me deal with the fustration. With the unbearable lack of options I have left. Not much left to do about my little situation. But you know what? It doesn’t really matter. Doesn’t matter because I think I’m going with one of the few options I have left. Its time to move on. To search for better things out there. Time to leave you behind.

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