Life Without You (Sing Song Challenge)

I see your name on the gravestone. at this moment I feel so alone on this earth.. My heart cries out to you.. I long to be with you, wherever you are.. even if that means lying beside you.. Cold, in the dirt of the earth.

I feel lost without you.. my life seems meaningless without the grace and beauty of your presence. This world seems a bit colder, now that you are not here. I can’t seem to free myself from this pain.. its a perpetual ache, a despondent feeling that resonates in my heart.

Our true love , wields its powerful grip on me. I feel lost and aimless.. wandering around this world without you. I wish you were here.. to restore my sense of direction and give this world some beauty. Without you nothing is ever the same, it is forever changed.

If I could enter this soft dark dreamless state..of blissful silence, to once again, be at your side. I would do it. To be forever by your side..away from this world.. where you no longer reside.

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