Untouchable, Invincible...Invisible (Sing Song Challenge)

Sora sat down on her garden porch; her world was tar black, as always.

I’ve seen your world, with these very eyes…

Her sightless eyes stared in front of her, like she was watching something only she could observe.

She could hear the children playing outside on the lawn of her neighbor’s yard, and picked up the sounds of balls bouncing and sprinklers running madly.

Don’t bother to come closer, don’t even try.

In the brief time where she was bestowed with the gift of sight, she remembered precious things.
It was generally a tender time for her, where she didn’t know all the advantages of her world.

As she grew older, she understood the hatred her family harbored towards her, save her poor mother.

I’ve felt all the pain, and heard all the lies…

Sora sat, trying not to remember anything. Then again, was there something in her life that didn’t sound like it had come out of a soap opera?

In my world there’s no compromise.

How true.

It’s black. It’s lonely. It’s unique.


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