First Shot

The shot rang out across the court yard.

“Morgan!” Tracey yelled from the balcony. Morgan kept walking, iPod turned up all the way. People were running in every direction.

What is everyone’s problem. Talk about chickens with their heads cut off. It’s like someone fired a gun or something. Morgan thought completely oblivious to the frenzy around her.

“Oh my god! She’s still walking! She must be in shock!” someone cried in the crowd quickly forming around Morgan.

Mr. Karl, the principal was running towards her. “Miss, maybe you should lay down and wait for the ambulence,” he said as she took the headphones off. “What?” Morgan replied, confused. “Miss? Please sit down,” he said. “What’s the problem Mr. Karl?” she asked, still confused. “Great she’s in shock,” he muttered. “You’ve been shot please sit down,” he said with a bit more force.

“What?!” Morgan cried in disbelief, “I think I would know if I got shot.” Then she saw the blood flowing from her chest.

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