“Hey Keylala! Its me, Ivana.” Keylala looked at the screen, trying to remember the face on the screen before her.

“Ivana? Is that really you? You look so different! And Fang! Hi Fang!” Keylala cried. She smiled and turned around in her chair. “Arrow! Come here! Ivana and Fang are here on the Telescreen!” She yelled.

The was the pouding of feet as Arrow came running into the room. The little green dwarf jumped up on Keylala’s lap, looking curiously into the screen.

“Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi! Hi!” He called, waving his short arms. Ivana smirked and Fang lifted a boy in greetings. Arrow ripped the microphone out of Keylala’s hand, bringing it close up to his face. He pressed the button on the side, speaking loudly, “Hi?”

“Hello Arrow.” Ivana’s voice said from the speaker next to the screen. Arrow jumped in surprise, staring at the spot the sound had come from. Before he could do anything else Keylala took the microphone back.

“He’s never used this yet!” She said,

“Nevermind that, we need to talk…”

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