REACTr: Phantom Pain... but it Still Hurts

Nick instinctively massaged his thighs as he spoke with the tech, though it did no good. Throbbing, white hot pain radiated from the junction of flesh and cybernetics.

“Still bothers you, huh?”

“Yeah, rain and cold’s a real bitch… they tell me it’s all in my head.” Who knows, today it actually could be, he thought.

Memories of the war flooded his mind as he looked over the scene. Memories of nanotech boring through living flesh. Memories of being eaten alive.

He’d been one of the lucky one’s, only lost his legs and a hand. What it did to those other poor bastards… ten years later and it still gave him nightmares.

Friendly fire they called it, though rumor said it was a deliberate test. Still the military had done good by him. Gave him state of the art cybernetics. SynFlesh meshed so well with living tissue it was indistinguishable from the real thing.

“Hmm, that sucks man. Anyway, definitely military nano, ZUS -416,” the tech said. “But that’s nothing though, wait till you see the bodies.”

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