Long Pauses

Even the voice in her head was speechless, but not for long. OH MY GOD ! He’s going to ask you out! Say something you fool!
No I’m probably reading too much into this. There are 5 million different things he could want to ask.
Sure there are, you’re probably right,
the voice retorted, dripping sarcasm. You still have to say something.

“A question? Like what?” Janice finally managed to ask.
“Well its rather personal actually,” Kyle continued, ignoring the lapse in conversation he had just endured.
“Oh well in that case…” Janice paused teasingly.
“I guess I could make an exception, just for you.”
“Well a great many thank you’s. I greatly appreciate the exception.”
“So what’s the question?” Janice asked, dying to hear the answer. “Well…” it was Kyle’s turn to torment Janice with long pauses. Janice began singing the Final Jeopardy song.
“You can torment me with long pauses but I can’t torment you? That’s not fair,” Kyle teased.
“Oh come on just ask already.”

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