That Crazy Little Voice

“Yes,” the voice inside Janice’s head was going crazy. It could hardly take the suspense anymore. I can’t take this! He needs to ask already or I’m going to cause him great physical harm! Please God end this torment! Wait did he say that you were tormenting him with your pauses? That’s a good sign! A very good sign. Er! Curse his first born child! He needs to ask ALREADY !!!
Calm down. I don’t like the suspense either but what can I do? And don’t curse his first born child! Hopefully it’ll be mine too.
Oh but its ever so much fun! Fine. He just better hurry…
Finally the voice quieted. “Someone needs to chillax,” Janice muttered.
“What?” Kyle asked.
“Oh nothing, talking to myself.”
“Oh…ok. Did someone forget to take their crazy meds today?”
“Ha ha. Not funny and stop trying to change the subject. What was that question?”
“Well now that I think about it, I’d rather ask you in person.”
What?! “Ok then…” Janice forced herself to say. That punk… I’m going to kill him, the voice was furious.

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