“So yeah I’ll just ask you tomorrow at school,” Janice could hardly hear Kyle over the voice screaming in her head. Shut up already! I need to hear him! ...Fine… The voice settled down to a soft stream of threats and profanities.
“Um.. tomorrow’s Sunday.”
“It is?” Kyle was confused.
“Yeah, today’s Saturday.”
“Damn, I did not plan this well at all…”
“Wait you planned this?”
This time Kyle was shocked into silence. “Well… Maybe. Just a bit.”
“O..k” The threats and profanities slowed as a smile crept across Janice’s face.
“Yeah, guess I shouldn’t of clued you in on that. I should go punish myself. Now were did I put that bat?”
“No! Don’t punish yourself. Its ok. I could always just pretend I didn’t hear it.”
“You would do that for me?”
“Yeah, though it might be hard.”
“Why would it be hard?” Kyle asked, curious.
“You’re kinda hard to forget,” Janice admitted, biting her lip, “In a good way of course.”
“Thanks. Its not easy getting you off my mind either.”

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