Things To Do

Pretty picture isn’t it? The voice had returned, commenting on the image of Janice and Kyle sitting there, together. Yes anything with him in it is.
“So…” Janice really didn’t have anything to say, something that did not happen frequently.
“There’s something I have to do but I really don’t want to?” Kyle whined.
“What? Math?”
“Well besides the math, thanks for reminding me, I have to hang up,” Kyle said sadness clear in his voice.
“Aw. Do you really have to?”
“Yeah. My Mom’ll kill me if I don’t get my room clean. Plus that math.”
“Oh. I should get going too. I have a similar mom problem.”
Kyle laughed.
“So I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow?”
“Sure if you think you can stand more pauses.”
“I think I can handle it.”
“Good. Full of talents aren’t you?” she teased.
“Yup. Full of secret, hidden talents.”
“Well, good night Kyle.”
“Night Janice. Sweet dreams.” Click. If you’re in them, they will be.

Well that was fantastic.
Yes it was.
Now what to do?
Go read that e-mail…

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