Daddy's First Night (Escape Challenge)

The lights were down low. Monitors glowed quietly in the corner, next to Dori’s bed, illuminating the room slightly.

She was out cold, snoring. She deserves it though. Hard work, that was. I stood from my chair and walked across the room to stand by the plexiglass crib.

He was laying on his back, arms stretched out above his head. Legs cocked at the knees. Feet touching.

So tiny.

I reached in and touched his hand. Fingers clasped around my finger, little muscles tightening. I smiled as his nose wrinkled a little.

He yawned.

So tiny.

I looked back at Dori. She was still sleeping. Peaceful and beautiful. A mommy. I think I’m going to miss her tummy.

Reaching into the crib, I put my left hand around Daniel’s head and my right under his body. I hoisted him up with no effort.

So tiny.

Holding him close to my chest, I returned to my chair. He never stirred. I stared at Daniel’s face, listened to the silence, and promised myself to always remember this moment.

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