Friendly Assassin

“I’ve been sent to kill you.”



“You’re awful friendly for a murderer.”

“I’m professional about it. And I’m not a murderer, I’m an assassin.”

“Didn’t think I was important enough for an assassin.”

“Most people don’t.”

“Is that so?”


“Are you on a schedule?”

“Not really, I get paid by the hour.”

“Let’s talk then.”

“About what?”

“Not sure. Why you’re killing me maybe?”

“I was told to, that’s all I know.”

“Are you happy with what you do?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Are you happy with what you do?”

“It pays well.”

“That’s not what I asked.”

“I guess so, I mean, I’m killing people who have too much power.”

“Are you now? I didn’t think I had much power at all.”

“Are you insane? You own a major company! You own Applied! You basically rule the world!”

“So if Applied were to shut down, the world would stop, probably collapse.”


“I need to find an heir.”

“No time.”

“Don’t you want to be paid more?”

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