Crazy Days at Hilltop View..

Katarina downed her second mimosa and started braiding a piece of her long blonde hair. She was stuck at Hilltop View on a perfectly good summer sunday because of her lame ass parents and their lame ass country club friends. Sunday brunch with the Ashford’s was always over the top. Waiters going around in all black uniforms with trays of caviar and crackers, huge, tacky swan ice sculptures, and an open bar with practically every alcoholic beverage ever created. But nothing phased Katarina anymore. And right now she was just plain bored. Where in the hell is Em- Just then Katrina’s best friend Emma Oxford ran through the dining hall doors. She had her golden blonde hair down, looking like she hadn’t brushed it in weeks, a simple white cotton Miu Miu dress, and plain silver flip flops. But of course Emma looked drop dead gorgeous. She always did. Emma winked at Katarina and she noticed a pack of Gauloises sticking out of her Prada beaded clutch. Katarina got up and followed Emma outside to the courtyard.

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