Stubbornly Sorry

I looked stubbornly at my closet. There was no way that I was going to be able to make room for Trey in this closet. No way. I ran a hand through my damp hair, still wet from my shower. I plopped down on the hardwood floor, not even knowing where to begin to move stuff. I looked at my shelves and racks of shoes. I was so not going to give up my shoes.
“Jeeze, honey!” I heard Trey’s chuckle in my ear, then felt him lean down to kiss my cheek. “It’s like you don’t want me to move in with you.”
Of course I wanted my boyfriend of two years to move in with me. He was so extremely special to me in every way. I sorrowfully picked up my black stilleto heel. I ran my hand across the shiny surface, then ran my hand inside. Wait. What was that in the toe? My fingers ran across something, my mind begining to form the answer. Tears started to feel my eyes, as I pulled out the object. I looked down at the diamond ring in my hand.”Of course,” I whispered. Trey nelt down beside me, brushing away a tear.
“Marry me.”

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