Real Killers Do Real Things.(The Murder Of Jonathon Butcha Chapter 2)

Booking took ages; time that only a veteran of the D.M.V could identify with.
A lifetime in booking ended in a less than cordial ten man cell that housed fifteen.
“G white(that is what all the black inmates called the white prisoners in Orleans Parish Prison) get out from in front of the T.V.”
I turned around in the only place in the cell that didn’t house a cramped prisoner either playing cards, sleeping or reading the bible.
“Yo G white it’s your minute a fame ye’ hurd may.”
“At 6 o’clock a New Orleans male escort named Wallace Marvel was arrested in the french quarter for the Murder of local disk jockey Jonathon Butcha.” The lady reported.
“Damn You was set up Playa!”
“No i Kilt em!”
“Damn G white is Gangsta! Ya Hurd May.”
“Sir i am not unsociable but i have been in holding for 3 days, because i just committed my first murder. Please don’t take offense but get your black ass outta my new bunk.”
He had to be humiliated when a cosmopolitan fag kicked him till he passed out,then took his bunk.

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