1300 (Challenge By Numbers)

He stood, his back to the soldier.

The soldier’s voice was shaky, “We’ve got none left.”

He President turned from the window. “How many were killed first?”


The President’s expression became angry. “Those three were a family. A single family.” His voiced raised, “How could you let the killings go from a family of three to an army of thirteen hundred?!”

The soldier stood and shook, saying nothing. He looked closely at the President’s face, and saw a single tear fall down his cheek.

“I never thought it would come to this,” the President said. He sighed, with sorrow in his voice. “We have to surrender.”

Shock came across the soldier’s face. He knew the attacks would continue to get more vicious. He knew there weren’t many more left…

But, surrender hadn’t crossed his mind. Surrender meant death, and everyone left knew it.

“But, Sir!” The soldier protested.

“Stop.” The President cut him off. “It’s over.”

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