family reunion

He was late again. With a small flourish, he sat himself down in the chair opposite from me.

I said nothing while he placed his order, shamelessly flirting with the pretty waitress, causing her to blush before she hurried away. I gritted my teeth as he made me wait.

“Do you know how long I’ve been waiting?” I said once she left.

His easy smile only grew in proportion to my scowl. “You really should learn to relax and smell the roses from time to time.”

“Do you have the item or not?”

He sighed dramatically as he reached into his jacket and withdrew the long cylinder, which was still covered in frost. I gingerly took the cylinder from him, placing into the container at my side. Yanking a twenty from my wallet, I threw it on the table.

“You’ll get another assignment in a week.”

He smiled. “Of course I will.”

As I walked to the door, I called out over my shoulder, “And call Mom when you get a moment. God only knows why you’re her favorite.”

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