The Signal (Scavenger Hunt Challenge)

“The Signal has been broadcasting since 1977, at least,” Professor Lee explained to the President and his advisers.

I was more focused on the cig currently twirling like a baton in my left hand. Lee was muttering something about how The Signal was broadcasting in the 23Hz range when the old man interrupted.

“But Lee – Lee, this is bull, right?” The President said, wearing that stupid smirk that got him elected.

“This is Science!” Lee declared. Pompous turd.

I couldn’t take it anymore. “You’re telling us that Men from Mars are shooting radio waves at us for what, exactly? To deny us the ability to watch Blossom reruns?”

“God only knows, Rita,” Lee replied, “If I had to guess? It’s a weapon.”

“I’m from Detroit, champ. I’d know a weapon if I saw one,” I lit up and took a drag. “And it’s Doctor Rita to you. Dick.”

“Uh, no smoking in the Oval Office, Doc,” the President said.

“Well, if what he says is true, we’ll all be dead soon, anyhow. I hear everybody smokes in Hell. I’m just getting a head start.”

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