Long-Time Partners

He couldn’t believe the control she had of this car. She spun it around & sped straight to their pursuers.
“Are you kidding?!” he asked.
“Watch,” she answered through gritted teeth. At the last possible second, she veered to the left towards the highway & floored it.
At the first exit she pulled off & made a beeline for the closest alley. He finally took a deep breath.
“Did that really just happen? Seriously?” She smirked.
“Pinch yourself Romeo. It’s all real.” She leaned over & jabbed him in the arm. He winced slightly. Finally regaining composure, he reached down to examine the badge again.
“Wonder who’s this is?” he pondered aloud.
“Dunno.” She reached & picked up the gun, eyeing it carefully. “But whoever it is is gun-happy, lookit. The handle’s worn smooth.”
“Either that or they’ve been partners a long time.”
“Sure have.” The two jumped. near the hood was a slightly older man in a trench and scrunched fedora. He wore a slightly amused smirk. “This’s a gumshoe car, it’s not one of your caliber.”

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