The orphanage 2

They all sat quietly in the room They were all dirty and skinny, they all had very poor nutrition. Marco, a blonde, tall boy hunched in the corner staring at nothing in particular. Sophia, a strong, brave girl stood by the tiny window, looking out at the woods. Aleena, a redheaded, irritable girl sat looking through a small box containing everything she owned. Lucas, a shy, but humorous boy, sat looking over Aleenas shoulder, who was getting annoyed with him being so close to her. Abigail, a skinny, brainy girl, was sitting with her head in her hands, trying to sleep. And Fay, always cheerful and hopeful, and though she was in worse condition than the rest, she was the one always thinking of a way out and was sitting drawing diagrams with her finger on the thick with dust floor. Fay finished, looked it over, then a smile spread across her face. She broke the silence by clearing her throat. Everyone looked up at her. “I’ve got it this time.”

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