Who Knew(Hauntingly Beautiful Challange)

The house was set far away from the road, giving it a much secluded feel. The tall oak trees were planted firmly in the ground, the limbs seemed to be hugging the house, as if not wanting anyone else to come near. To anyone elses the peeling paint would have been a disgrace, but to mine it showed the history of the lonely old house. The front porch creeked as I placed each foot before the other. What lay inside gave my heart a tingle, for I could only imagine the damage and hurt that lay before me. My hand rested on the doorknob, willing myself to just push it open.
This was my parent’s house. The house that they had bought together right after their marrige. I knew that tears were rolling down my face, but I just didn’t care. I had no idea that coming here would bring out such emotions. Goodness knows I had only harbored anger at them throughout my life. I ran a hand down the wall of the home my parents had shared. Standing there, I knew there wasn’t anything more beautiful then this old falling down house.

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