Lainey Delgado frowned. The moon shone brilliantly, scattering silvery rays across the dark field. She stared into the moonlight, its brightness making the violet-red irises of her eyes transparent.

She breathed in deeply, taking in the sweet taste of the night air. A smile perked up her lips. She could smell the sugary aroma of blood. She needed it, to savor its rich flavor and drink it to satisfy her hunger.
No. She couldn’t have it. She wasn’t a vampire. Not yet.

But she certainly couldn’t hide from the fact that she was becoming one.

Lainey slowly sat down on the hard ground, remembering that fateful night that seemed so long ago. She had longed to be one of them, fascinated by their fierceness and poise. She had wished to be part of the hunt, to be in the middle of all of the danger.

But she hadn’t known what she’d have to go through to become one.

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