The orphanage 12

After about 45 minutes of walking they stopped to rest. They were all tired and weren’t used to this much exercise, and couldn’t walk very long because of the poor nutrition, and Lucas had to stop for a while. when they were rested, Marco took his turn carrying Fay. “Where are we going anyways?” asked Marco, carrying the now asleep Fay. “I don’t know, but we have to run into a town or something sooner or later right Abs?” Sophia said, turning to Abigail. “I would think so, these woods aren’t very big, I say in a few days we should run into civilization.” “A FEW DAYS ? That’s a long time, and we need to get her to a doctor.” said Lucas, pointing to Fay. “Well it’s the only chance we’ve got, and besides, we have no choice!” Said Aleena with a hint of sarcasm. Then she turned to Fay who was waking up, “And we wouldn’t be in this mess if it wasn’t for you!”

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