Weirdest Sister Ever

Maxine put a piece of Stride in her mouth and chewed.

“I still can’t believe you like Charles,” she told Sarah.

“Oh, shut up about it!” she yelled, taking her hair down and throwing her scrunchie at Maxine, laughing the entire time.

“It’s hard to when you like the creepiest guy in school!”

“It’s something about the creepiness. And it’s not like I like Zach!”

“I don’t like Zach, I like Colton!”

“They’re twins! It doesn’t matter which one you like!”

“Yeah, but the Hearn Twins have different personalities!”

“Like you’ve met them! I’ve met Charles!”

“You talked to him for thirty-four seconds.”

“You timed me.”


“I have the weirdest sister ever.”

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