Freedom! [Egnellahc Sdrawkcab]

“Liz, open your eyes! Its okay! You’ll like what you see!” David said, putting a hand on Liz’s shoulder.

Liz opened her eyes nervously, at first only looking at David’s face. She didn’t want to look past it, the only thing she was sure of. But maybe she was dead, they both were, together. David nodded and Liz turned to look out the window.

YES !” She screamed, jumping and punching the air. “Oh yeah, oh yeah! I did it, I did it!” She sang, dancing like a complete idiot. “We’re not dead, we’re alive! I did it, I did it!” She continued, letting go of the wheel, causing David to lunge for it to keep the ship steady.

David laughed as Liz continued to dance around the bridge. She finally made it to the window, looking out of it, smiling. Above her were the blue skies, and below the tropical forest. They were free! She looked down at the floor, her shoulders begining to shake.

“Lizzy? Are you alright?” David asked.

Liz turned to him, tears streaming down her face, laughing.

“That was so cool!”

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