A passenger flying!? [Egnellahc Sdrawkcab]

“Wait, what?!” The girl shouted.

“Whats your name?” David asked, looking at the girl sternly.

“Lizzy, but everyone calls me Liz…” The girl mumbled.

“Ok, Liz, you’re the only person aboard this airship besides myself that wasn’t knocked out-cold by that gas. I need you to take the wheel and steer us out of this…This….” David said, trying to find the words.

“Natural death trap?” Liz said for him.

“Yes. But just so you know, if you don’t angle the ship just right, theres no getting out. I will take care of everything else, I just need you to steer.” David said. and Liz nodded, grabbing onto the wheel.

David powered the engines to max, and the ship began to rise quickly. Liz at the wheel directed the ship, trying to get a hold of her nerves. As they neared, the vines began to block their way.

“Easy!” David yelled, as Liz tried to avoid the vines and branches from tearing the ship.

“Oh gosh…” Liz mumbled, closing her eyes as the ship came up to the dangerous edge of the cavern.

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